How Long Does It Take To Beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is a huge RPG with an even larger open world, which has many players asking: how long will it take to beat?

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

Soulsborne games are known for being a little ambiguous when it comes to game length. As a notoriously difficult title, the length of Elden Ring will almost certainly depend on your natural ability. If you’re less practised with Souls games, then it will definitely take you longer than someone with experience.

With that said, we can give you a rough estimate of how long you should expect to take with FromSoftware’s latest epic. Here’s how long it will take to beat Elden Ring.

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Credit: FromSoftware

Elden Ring – Game Length

Detailed information is currently scarce, but we can get a good idea from preliminary Elden Ring reviews. Our own review reckons that it will probably take around 60-hours to see all of the main areas that Elden Ring has to offer. That coincides with plenty of reviewers from other outlets. IGN spent over 87 reviewing Elden Ring, while VG247 and PC Gamer spent around 60 hours playing.

This is far higher than we were expecting. Prior to Elden Ring’s release, producer Yasuhiro Kitao reckoned that it would take players around 30-hours to complete Elden Ring. Clearly, that estimate was far lower than what players can actually expect. 

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If you’re extremely skilled at Souls games and beeline the main story, maybe a sub 30-hour playtime is achievable. However, Elden Ring is a game based savoured. You’ll want to explore every nook and cranny that the world has to offer. A word of advice from us? Don’t rush it.

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