How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE

Regardless of playing bedrock, Java or going left-field with Minecraft Dungeons, every player knows the value of TNT in Minecraft. Naturally, we all want to know how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft PE.

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How To Make And Activate TNT – How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE

Crafting TNT is fairly simple. Players need 5x Gunpowder and 4 x Sand/Red Sand to make. There are some creative ways to activate TNT in Minecraft, too, such as:

  • Using a flint and steel or a fire charge
  • A powered Redstone current
  • Being shot by a flaming projectile such as an arrow passing through fire
  • Being hit by a fire charge fired from a dispenser
  • Coming into contact with spreading fire or lava
  • Being in the blast radius of a nearby explosion, including that of another TNT block, a Creeper, a bed, a respawn anchor or an end crystal.
  • Being fired from a dispenser
  • Being lit by a flint and steel used by a dispenser
  • Being hit by an explosive skull from a Wither
  • Being hit by a lightning bolt.
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How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE

Before we start, here are the materials players will need before learning how to make a TNT cannon in Minecraft PE:

  • Obsidian x 12
  • Flint x 1
  • Steel x 1
  • TNT (At least two will be needed to fire the TNT cannon once)
  • Slab x 1
  • Bucket of water x 1

Dig And Frame – How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE

Users need to first dig a hole three-block-long and fill it with three Obsidian blocks to provide a solid base for the cannon. Next, frame the base with nine further Obsidian blocks, leaving one end of the base open and ready for the next step.

How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE
Credit: Mojang

Slab And Water – How To Make A TNT Cannon In Minecraft PE

Start this step by putting the Slab on the last block of Obsidian on the open end of the TNT cannon base. This will hold both the ammunition and the water in the cannon. Finally, add the bucket of water into the two-block space between the slab and the Obsidian wall.

Load The TNT

Users will then need two TNT blocks. One needs to be placed on top of the slab, with the other being placed directly behind it in the water and next to the slab.


First, light the bottom TNT with Flint and Steel, followed by the top TNT block three seconds later. This should then launch the TNT block around 13 blocks into the distance.

Why not experiment with the amount of TNT and size of the cannon to increase firing distance and how many TNT blocks can be fired at once?

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Featured Image Credit: Mojang/GameByte