Huge PS5 Update Introduces A Bunch Of Exciting New Features

The PS5 has received its first major system update, enabling USB extended storage, sharing functionality and more.

A photo of the PlayStation 5 with a Sonic the Hedgehog figure holding the DualSense controller.
Credit: GameByte

Since the console’s launch back in 2020, PlayStation owners have been waiting for the ability to store games on an external USB drive. Now, thanks to the PS5’s latest update, players will be able to save and move games between internal and external storage. The PS5’s 1TB hard drive has been stretched thin when it comes to next-generation gaming. With games like Call of Duty taking up over 130 GB, it’s easy to see how some players could run out of space fast. 

An image of both versions of the PlayStation 5, with two DualSense controllers
Credit: Sony

If expandable storage isn’t one of your top priorities, then you’ll likely be more interested in the console’s other new features.

The update allows both PS4 and PS5 players to share their gameplay when chatting within parties, which bridges the gaps between generations. You can now also request to join a friend’s game, regardless of if you’re playing on a PS4 or PS5. Connecting socially despite what console you own is essential, especially since the PlayStation 5 is in short supply. 

Stock image of a ps4 controller
Credit: Unsplash/@usualmorals

If you’re into personalisation, then you’ll probably enjoy the console’s new control and personalisation options. The console’s Game Base has received an update, which makes navigating it faster and more convenient.

You can now also disable or adjust other players’ chat volume, customise your game library view and tailor when your console takes trophy screenshots. In terms of accessibility, the PS5 now also supports screen zoom, allowing players to adjust screen magnification to suit their needs. 

The PlayStation App has also received an overhaul, which makes connecting to your PS5 easier. Players can now wishlist games, receive friend log-in notifications and change account status. According to the PlayStation Blog, more features are coming to the app in the coming weeks, such as the ability to join multiplayer sessions and manage console storage from your mobile device.

While there’s bound to be more updates for the PS5 in the near future, this first wave of improvements is sure to enhance the console’s experience. The update is live today, April 14th.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony