Incredibles 2 New Trailer Just Dropped And it Looks Amazing

The new Incredibles 2 trailer was just released and we are now even more hyped than ever for its release. It has no official release date as of yet, all that has been said is that is will be out in Summer of this Year.

From what we can gather from the trailer the film revolves around the Incredibles trying to make super heroes legal again. The story will focus more on Mrs Incredible being the one ‘saving the day’ and Mr Incredible staying at home and looking after the three kids. This looks like it can create some hilarious moments between the family. Jack Jack, the youngest of the Incredible kids, looks like his powers have grown even stronger since the last film and Mr Incredible is struggling to deal with him.

And of course Fro-zone makes a return which I am super happy to see.

As many suspected the villain portrayed at the end of the last movie ‘The Underminer’ will feature in the latest film but if he will be the main ‘bad guy’ remains to be seen.

Check out the full trailer below!

YouTube video