Is the game's release still on the horizon?

Insider Says Sony Could Delay Horizon Forbidden West Until 2022

GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb has revealed that Sony could be “leaning towards” delaying Horizon Forbidden West until 2022 [Via VGC].

Horizon zero dawn game
Credit: Guerrilla Games

During Grubb’s Giant Bomb Show, the insider was asked whether he had any information about Sony’s next State of Play. In response, Grubb suggested “something” was coming in September. The journalist then also dropped Forbidden West’s delay bombshell:

“I’ve heard, not certain, but I’ve heard that something’s coming in September and… I’m trying to debate if I want to be the one to say this… I think ‘that game’ is going to get delayed to 2022.

“I don’t know for sure, I think it’s still undecided, but I think it’s leaning towards Horizon Forbidden West in 2022.I think they’ll have a September State of Play to say, ‘here are the other things we’re going to have in the fall, here’s a bunch of exciting stuff, don’t worry’, but then I think Horizon Forbidden West is going to be 2022.”

Image from Forbidden West game
Credit: Guerrilla Games

Will Forbidden West release this year?

While Jeff Grubb doesn’t appear to be entirely certain of Horizon’s delay, his information does align with the fact Guerrilla hasn’t committed to a release date. During a discussion with Game Informer last month, Forbidden West’s director, Mathijs de Jonge, explained why the game doesn’t have a solid release schedule:


The thing is, these are just strange times that we’re all in, and we have never finalised and shipped a game under these kinds of circumstances, so we are constantly calculating our schedules and looking at where we are, and are there any unforeseen things that might happen,” 

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that Sony hasn’t made any official announcements about Forbidden West’s delay. Therefore, you should probably keep Grubb’s information in the rumour pile for now. However, Grubb does have a pretty reliable track record. So, you should probably at least curb your expectations, even if just a little.

Promo image from horizon forbidden west
Credit: Guerrilla Games

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Featured Image Credit: Guerrilla Games