Intel’s New AI Software Filters Abusive Language From Online Gaming

Intel is developing new AI software designed to combat online gaming abuse and toxic language.

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Announced during last month’s GDC presentation, Bleep is a new AI-powered tool by Intel which “uses AI to detect and redact audio based on user preferences” [via The Verge].

In layman’s terms, the software can filter potentially offensive audio from online conversations during gameplay. The AI itself is designed to filter specific categories of words and phrases, which ultimately cause a lot of distress and harm to players subjected to them.

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Bleep’s filtering interface is somewhat of an anomaly. Rather than using a setlist of knowingly offensive phrases and words, users and toggle on and off categories and phrases based on their own preference. This essentially enables people to still use offensive words while filtering based on specifics.

Categories shown in the video include “Ableism and Body Shaming,” “Aggression,” “LGBTQ+ Hate,” and “N-word.”

The whole thing seems to be enabling selective diversity, which is definitely an issue when it comes to equality for all. It’s worth mentioning that Bleep is still in the early stages of development, so all of this could change with a future update.

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During the GDC demonstration, Intel’s Roger Chandler lamented that Bleep isn’t going to solve toxicity in gaming, but it could empower gamers when playing online:

While we recognize that solutions like Bleep don’t erase the problem, we believe it’s a step in the right direction, giving gamers a tool to control their experience.”

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While proper moderation should be at the core of online community management, Intel’s new tool should prove useful when it comes to shielding gamers from discrimination and harassment. Sure, some gamers out there will probably want to be insulted and chastised, which is perhaps why the AI system has toggles. Nevertheless, being able to choose what you hear while you game is crucial, especially when it comes to toxic behaviour during online gaming.

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