The Internet has worked out how big Luigi’s Penis is from this Picture

Yes, you did read that correctly. Tumblr users apparently used algebra to work out the length of Luigi’s penis. Turns out it is around 3.7 inches flaccid. Remember when the internet lost it to Mario’s nipples? Well here is the next step up from that. I beg of you don’t add any more steps to this sexualised Mario Bros staircase. We have climbed far enough.

“The difference between Tumblr and Twitter is that Twitter users are all upset about Luigi’s dick bulge because they’re so fucking basic and Tumblr users are doing Algebra to figure out that it’s roughly 3.7″ flacid and they’re so happy for him to have a dick.”

This is of course an image for the new Mario Tennis game which is being released later this year. I hope that there are no more tight fitting shorts on any of the other characters.

The Tumblr member who claims to have worked out the length had this to say:

Some rough work reveals that Luigi may be close to four inches flaccid, although this is simply one interpretation of which way his dick is resting, therefore [it] is merely an educated guess as to length

I don’t really know what else to say about this. Very odd but here we are, the internet is a very strange place at times.

I leave you with one question, how does it measure up to his brother…?

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