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Is Chris Evans Returning as Captain America?

If you’ve kept up to date with the world of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe then you probably know something. Chris Evans as Captain America is done. Surely? He is old!

We saw at the end of Avengers: Endgame that Cap had lived a life. One that seemed to be a happy one too. His character arc was over. Steve Rogers had earned his rest. Right?

Think again! According to Deadline Chris Evans is looking to jump back into the role that helped make him a household name.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

They state that it looks like the Chris will be back as Captain America (Steve Rogers if you want to be formal about it) for at least one Marvel property, with the door open for a second one.

With Marvel continuing to expand their cinematic universe with television shows and films it will be interesting to see how Chris Evans does make his return, if at all. There’s always lots of conversations to be had to make these things a possibility.

Credit: Marvel/Disney/Sony

With the likes of Spider-Man reportedly having a dimension bending storyline, along with other Marvel properties, there are many ways Cap could be back. The upcoming Doctor Strange movie Multiverse of Madness could also be an option.


Maybe there’s also the chance it could happen using the usual bit of magic we all know and love. A flashback.

We don’t know yet how Captain America will return. But we can definitely be optimistic that it’s an exciting time for fans of the MCU.

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Credit: Marvel


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Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Disney