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Gamers Share The Video Game Missions Which Made Them Quit

Gamers on Reddit have been sharing video game moments that made them quit playing a certain game. Not just stop playing for a while, but quitting altogether.

The question asked by Reddit by user Helios_Ra_Phoebus this week was: “What games did you really like/wanted to keep playing but stopped because of that one annoying level/mission and why was it so bad?

Bloodborne image
Credit: FromSoftware

The Reddit user then shared an experience they had while playing Outer Wilds from Mobius Digital.


I kept hearing praises for Outer Wilds and I started playing it. I got pretty hooked to it too but once I got to that sand planet my interest in the game completely died,” said the Reddit user.

They continued: “I know I could have gone somewhere else and come back to it later but just the thought of having to come back to that timed dark sand planet with cacti that pokes holes in your suit everywhere just killed any interest I had left in playing the game.

The Reddit user does go into further detail on the thread, but they have blocked out specific information for others to avoid spoilers.

image from dark souls
Credit: From Software

For me personally there are probably loads of video game moments that have made me totally quit playing. However I’ve been gaming for over 30 years now, so it’s near impossible to remember them all.

There have been plenty of moments that have damn near made me quit, in particular the end boss fight of Killzone 2 against Radec. If you’ve played this boss battle then you’ll know exactly how frustrated it made me.

Thankfully I’m a very stubborn person (often to a fault), so even though it nearly made me smash my controller to bits, I persisted and I kicked Radec’s ass!


However quite predictably I’ve had issues with games by FromSoftware. Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenge, the enemies, characters and the wonderfully crafted worlds. You know you’re always going to be in for a challenge by FromSoftware.

sekiro image
Credit: FromSoftware

Yet sometimes you have to admit defeat or at least come back at a later date. One moment in particular comes to mind and it frustrates the hell out of me, because I know it’s just a simple case of clicking with the rhythm.

That very boss is Gyoubu Oniwa a.k.a the “Horse Boss” from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. I know, this is a very early boss in the game but I just can’t get the timing right to counter his attacks.


What frustrates me even more is that I do have quite fast reflexes, but as I’ve already said I just can’t click with its rhythm. I still own Sekiro because I know that I’ll come back to it and hopefully prevail.

This is in contrast to the epic Father Gascoigne fight from Bloodborne. I don’t know how I did it, but I beat him on around my third attempt! Yet I just can’t seem to get the better of Gyoubu Oniwa.

Speaking of Bloodborne, another boss fight that has made me quit (at least for now) is Rom, the Vacuous Spider. Now despite this being a difficult boss compared to games outside of FromSoftware, I know it’s far from the most challenging boss in Bloodborne.


However the most challenging aspect for me personally is the fact that I really hate spiders, like really. I can fight Rom for a short while (as much as she creeps me out) but when you start to get flooded by her kamikaze spider children. Well, it’s a big NOPE from me.

As for Reddit, there’s quite a few gaming moments that have made players call it quits.

“Just Cause 4,” commented one user. “The fourth or fifth mission is when I realized that the series about blowing things up was now about shooting crappy guns and escorting NPCs across a military base.”

Credit: Rockstar Games

Another user gave up on Rockstar Games’ GTA San Andreas, writing: “GTA San Andreas. Zed’s mission where you had to kill the delivery boys with a remote control plane. I failed that mission loads so I hung it up.

“Until I heard my friend had done the mission so I got him to come round and do that mission for me. Reading about it now it was actually a glitch in the game where the plane wouldn’t stop using fuel when you weren’t accelerating. Couldn’t download patches back then.”

ac odyssey
Credit: Ubisoft

“The moment I realized AC Odyssey actually wants you to use the ships, and that the castle battles are essential for story progression,” said a third gamer.


“I hated both aspects of the game and honestly regret buying it since I loved Origins (my first AC game). I know I’m in the extreme minority on this seeing people that put 100+ hours into Odyssey, but I just couldn’t get over those two things.”

What video game moments have made you totally quit playing games you love? Let us know across our social media channels.

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