Is This The Scariest House Tour Video On The Internet?

‘Is this the scariest house tour on the internet?’ is the question I asked myself while diving into the rabbit hole of YouTube this week.

The video in question was uploaded back in October of 2016. So, it surprises me that it took around five years to discover this amazingly eerie “house tour”.

scary house tour
Credit: nana825763/FRENZ2016

The infamous video is uploaded to the channel “nana825763” entitled “My house walk-through”. The description of the video simply reads: “This is not a horror video. This video was created simply by filming inside my house.

It’s just a house tour, right?

Now, I don’t want to give anything away because revealing any spoilers will ruin the experience of watching this video for the first time. However, if you’re familiar with the likes of the Project Zero/Fatal Frame series or even Silent Hill, you will get some serious survival horror vibes watching this video.

project zero maiden of black water
Credit: Nintendo/Tecmo Koei

What I will also add, is that this video is a slow burn process and if you can watch it at night with the lights out and a headset on, the better your experience will be.

Obviously, horror is in the eye of the beholder, but as a fan of the supernatural and survival horror, I seriously dig this video. Oh, and before you set off to watch this house tour, just remember that “grandmother is not here.

YouTube video

Have you watched this video? If so, please refrain from posting spoilers across our social media channels. Otherwise, grandmother might come for you.

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Featured Image Credit: nana825763/FRENZ2016