IT’s Pennywise In Resident Evil Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See Today


Credit: Capcom/Marcos RC

The Resident Evil 2 Remake is one of the best games of 2019, and it’s even better when you add some super scary mods into the mix.

A fan-favourite character to mod in the game is the one and only Mr. X, the Tyrant who follows you around for a good portion of the game. We’ve seen the wonderfully creative community replace him with everything from Thomas the Tank Engine to Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis.

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Credit: Capcom

The community has now gone and done it again, this time featuring Pennywise from the latest movie adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.

In a mod created by YouTube’s Marcos RC, using an XPS model by jc-starstorm, you can now do your best to evade one of the scariest creatures of the century.

Credit: Capcom/Marcos RC

This is a mod that genuinely makes this one of the most spine-tingling games of all time, and honestly, IT needs an official horror game. Check it out in all its glory in the video below.


Fun fact: did you know Pennywise isn’t a male clown? She’s actually a female spider. Or at least, her base form and the form in which she can give birth is. The more you know, right?

If you want to play this for yourself you can pick up the mod details over on PayPal for $10.

As for the Thomas the Tank mod mentioned above, that comes courtesy of expert modder, @xZombieAlix, who you can check out on Twitter right here. 

You can download the Thomas mod over at NexusMods, though it’s definitely less scary than Pennywise, unless you happen to have a fear of trains. Have you tried evading Thomas yet?

Credit: Capcom/@xZombieAlix

Keep the awesome mods coming guys! I kind of absolutely want to see Pennywise making an entrance in Skyrim…

Featured Image Credit: Capcom/Marcos RC

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