Zombies In Red Dead Online Could Point To Undead Nightmare 2

Rrr. Argh.

Credit: Rockstar Games

We’re heading for the spookiest month of the year and it’s pretty likely that we’re going to be getting a lot of scares coming to our favourite video games in the next few weeks, which is probably what Rockstar Games is doing right now…maybe.

Players of Red Dead Online have started to report that zombies (!!!) have been appearing in the game, and though this could just be some pre-Halloween prep, players are tentatively hopeful that this is a sign that Undead Nightmare 2 might be on the way.

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Credit: Rockstar Games

Undead Nightmare, the zombie DLC that launched with Red Dead Redemption, is one of the most beloved game add-ons of all time, and it definitely deserves a sequel!

Here’s a snippet of some zombie action spotted in RDO, which shows a load of glowing-eyed, barely moving ‘people’ located around Armadillo.

Whether or not this is Rockstar teasing DLC, getting ready for a new and spooky set of missions in time for Halloween, or even if this is just some strange undead glitch remains to be seen, but fans are pretty hopeful.


Rockstar has yet to comment on the phenomenon, but we see you, zombies. We see you there.

What do you think about the strange spawns?

Credit: Rockstar Games

Rockstar is definitely not shying away from some hard grafting right now. Along with the constant updates to Red Dead Online, the company is also supposedly working on a sequel to the ever-iconic Bully, and it’s also just launched its own storefront.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Similar to the Blizzard launcher, The Rockstar Launcher was first spied over on Twitter [via Kotaku] and right now there’s seven titles you can buy. Hopefully we’ll see the store expand sooner rather than later, because there’s more than just a couple of Rockstar classics missing from the current lineup.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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