It’s Taken 10 Years But Minecraft Finally Has An In-Built Character Creator

Mojang’s Minecraft might be the king of limitless creative play, but that’s not been the case for in-game character customisation. Offering up the same few options for your character has gotten pretty old pretty fast, but finally, the times they are a-changin’.

It’s taken 10 years, but Minecraft finally has its own in-built character creation tool, allowing for customisable body types, accessories, facial expressions and hair options. Hooray!

Credit: Mojang

Unfortunately, the new options aren’t available for all players just quite yet. The character creation is currently in beta and is useable if you’re one of the lucky ducks who’s beta testing on either Xbox One, PC or Android.

Aaaand now let’s address the elephant in the room: the customisation options won’t be entirely free, sadly. For beta testers there’s 100 free accessories for you to dress you character up with right now, but it’s looking like you’ll need to pay for these add-ons when the feature is live for everyone.

Check out some of the current customisation options in tweet below!

Naturally some players have been left with a bitter taste in their mouths’ following the news of the microtransactions.

The optional add-ones are definitely going to bring in some serious money for the company, as it’s just been revealed that Minecraft is seeing some of the highest player numbers of its lifespan.

According to Mojang studio head, Helen Chiang, it’s an eye-watering figure sitting at just over 112 million players per month [via Business Insider].

Per. Month.

Credit: Mojang

Of course that figure might not be too shocking for veteran Minecraft players. YouTuber PewDiePie is regularly seeing a few million views on each of his Let’s Play videos on Minecraft, with his first episode sitting at 32 million views in just two months.

It’ll be interested to see just how many people part with their money to bag themselves some customisation options for their characters.

Featured Image Credit: Mojang