Forget the console, I just want PS5 exclusives!

PlayStation 5 Price And Release Date predicted by Top Japanese Analyst

The end of the current era of consoles is coming to a close, and as the last few games of this generation start to launch, everyone’s eyes are on the future of the PlayStation and Xbox. There are aways many questions about the next gen consoles. What is the PlayStation 5 Price? When will the PlayStation 5 be released?

Although we don’t have too much solid information about the upcoming PlayStation 5’s release window or price, we do know that it’s coming at some point in 2020, and that it’ll have a price that will “appeal to gamers.”

PlayStation 5 Price
Image: Sony/Jim Ryan

Now, a Japanese analyst has made some predictions about the PS5, and it looks like he might be onto something…

In a quarterly report of Sony by gaming industry analyst Hideki Yasuda of Ace Research Institute, the PS5 is forecasted to drop at a price of $499 USD – $100 more expensive than the PS4 Pro was at launch [via Inverse].

“[The console] will be launched at the present time in November 2020 and priced at $499,” writes Yasuda [via Google Translate]. “It is assumed that sales of 6 million units in the first year and 15 million units in the next year.”

Credit: Sony

Earlier in the year, a Pastebin file which is supposedly from a PS5 game developer in Europe, also suggested something similar.

The supposed dev claims that along with a 2020 release date, the PS5 will cost around $100 USD more than the PlayStation 4 did at launch, making it roughly around $500 USD – the same price predicted by Yasuda.

Interestingly, the Pastebin leak accurately predicted the specs of the PS5, which could mean the ‘insider’s’ knowledge is correct.

PlayStation 5 Price
Credit: Microsoft/Nintendo/Sony

Sony’s main competitors, Microsoft and Nintendo, are expected to have more budget-friendly prices for their next consoles. Google’s cloud-based streaming service, Stadia, is also expected to be fairly cheap, with the only hardware being a controller that’s optional to purchase.

Credit: Sony

What do you think about a $500 PlayStation? Would a price tag like that put you off purchasing?

Featured Image Credit: Sony