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God Of War’s First Name Is Actually ‘John’, PlayStation (Kind Of) Confirms

We all like to make jokes where we say Master Chief’s name is John Halo, and now PlayStation has jokingly confirmed that the God of War himself is called John Kratos.

When you don’t fully know the topic you’re writing about, it can sometimes be hard to be accurate with the information you’re providing. Which seems to have been the case in a recent PR email sent to Keza MacDonald, video games editor at The Guardian. As she received an email that claimed God of War follows “John Kratos.

Another instalment to the God of War franchise, God of War, takes second place with a score of 93 for the PC version of the game,” starts the email. So far so good, nothing too out of the ordinary there. “This game follows John Kratos as he delves into a fantasy world of dragons and monsters, all for the sake of his son.” You know, classic video game character John Kratos?


Surely we all remember the first time we met John Kratos? Where he walks into Olympus and says, ‘Hi, I’m John Kratos, just a regular normal guy, I guess!’ No? Yeah, looks like some wires got crossed with this particular email.

this is canon now, right?

The best part about it all though? Over on the official PlayStation UK Twitter account, John Kratos officially (not officially) because its head canon. “Also the World Serpent is Colin,” added the PlayStation UK account, asking developer Santa Monica Studio if that was OK.

Of course, too stunned to speak, Santa Monica Studio simply replied (in all caps) “JOHN KRATOS.” We don’t know about you, but we think God of War Ragnarok might have to go through some changes to fit this head canon. 


Of course, we’re still waiting on some more God of War Ragnarok news. But Cory Barlog, director of the game, did at least provide a brief update last month.

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Featured Image Credit: Santa Monica Studio