Jon Bernthal will return as The Punisher, says Rosario Dawson

The return of The Punisher has seemingly been confirmed by Rosario Dawson.

Jon Bernthal played The Punisher in a spinoff series after his first appearance as the character in Daredevil. The series follows Frank Castle, a vigilante who aims to fight the criminal underworld as The Punisher by any means necessary. Unlike other Marvel characters, he doesn’t have superpowers, and the show instead focuses on the darkness of the character.

But like many of Marvel’s older TV shows on Netflix, The Punisher didn’t end up getting many seasons. It was cancelled after the second season, and the future of the character was unknown.

However, Rosario Dawson has seemingly confirmed that the character will return. Furthermore, she suggested Bernthal is coming back to play him once again.

The Punisher is back?

At C2E2, Dawson said that she “found out yesterday” that The Punisher was coming back, suggesting that Bernthal is also back in the role. She said as much to a crowd of people during a panel. Dawson is set to play Ahsoka in the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series of the same name.

However, nothing has been confirmed by Marvel, so it seems that Dawson let this slip before any official news came out. And Dawson, who played Claire Temple in the Marvel Netflix shows, also said that she loves Jon Bernthal.

It remains to be seen what this Punisher reboot/return would look like. Whether it’d be similar to the original series or take a different approach is unknown. It’s fair to say it’s probably a long way from release, as Marvel haven’t announced anything.

But if it is real, it’d continue the trend of Marvel bringing back its Netflix characters to new series. Daredevil is getting another show, Daredevil: Born Again, in 2024. And Vincent D’Onofrio reprised his role as Kingpin in the Hawkeye series.

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