Karl Urban confirms the start of The Boys Season 4 filming

A new pic from Butcher actor Karl Urban has confirmed that Season 4 of superhero show, The Boys, is already underway.

Fans of the violent superhero show on Amazon Prime will be happy to hear Season 4 is in production already. Season 3 only just wrapped up recently, but Season 4 is already underway. And plenty of returning stars have confirmed they’ll be back in the show.

Karl Urban shared a picture on his Instagram with him with co-star, Jack Quaid. The caption reads “Start as you mean to go on! Season 4, let’s go!”

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Credit: Karl Urban

In addition, we know that Antony Starr, Karen Fukuhara, Chase Crawford and showrunner Eric Kripke will be back. The cast documented their journey to Toronto, where Season 4 is going to be filmed. Of course, plenty of other actors will be back too, even if they haven’t been spotted yet.

Season 4 Teasers

But fans will be eager to know whether a certain new Season 3 character will return. Jensen Ackles put in a brilliant performance as Soldier Boy, the Captain America parody who preceded Homelander. Nothing has been confirmed, but we got a bit of a hint from the actor.

He commented “Pour me a double. I’m on my way” in response, suggesting that he might be returning. His character arc wasn’t exactly concluded in Season 3, and there’s a lot of potential for him to cause more problems for The Boys. Could we see him in Season 4?

We also know that two new actors have been added to the cast. Susan Heyward will play the character Sister Sage and Valorie Curry is playing Firecracker. We don’t know how they’ll fit into the story right now.

Also, Homelander’s son Ryan is going to have a bigger role in the show going forwards. Cameron Crovetti, the actor for Ryan, has been promoted to series regular. So we can expect to see a lot more of him – though Season 3’s ending made that pretty clear.

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