Mark Ruffalo suggests Secret Wars will be bigger than Avengers: Endgame

Mark Ruffalo recently spoke about the next Avengers movie, saying that Secret Wars will be “pretty amazing” and go out with a “big bang”.

He spoke at the She-Hulk launch event for the new Disney+ show launching this week. The new show features the return of the Hulk played by Ruffalo alongside new MCU star Tatiana Maslany.

At the event, Ruffalo said “It’s gonna be hard to top Endgame. But if I know Kevin (Feige) and I know Marvel, it’s gonna be pretty amazing. It’ll be a big bang, we’ll go out with a big bang.”

Secret Wars was revealed recently when Marvel unveiled the next phases of the MCU. A whole host of new shows and movies were announced, including two new Avengers movies.

The two movies, called Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, will premiere in 2025. They’ll cap off Phase 6 of the MCU – yes, we’re already moving towards Phase 6. And fans of the comics will probably have a good idea of what to expect from these upcoming storylines.

The future of the MCU

It’s safe to say Marvel will be bringing in as many characters as they can just like the recent Avengers movies. Infinity War and Endgame were a celebration of everything the MCU has introduced over the years, and we can only hope these upcoming movies can match them.

Ruffalo didn’t reveal any spoilers for the movies, but the storyline from the comics definitely has the potential to be bigger than Endgame. Whether it can produce a villain as instantly iconic as Thanos remains to be seen though. We’ll just have to wait until 2025 for this double dose of Avengers to find out what happens.

Kang Dynasty premieres on May 2nd, 2025 and Secret Wars premieres on November 7th, 2025. Meanwhile, She-Hulk premieres soon on August 18th on Disney+.

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