Keemstar Calls For Help For ‘Creator Of CoD Community’ In Time Of Need

Those who’ve been a part of the online Call of Duty world since its inception might be familiar with F1sTDaCuFFs, a content creator who’s widely credited as being the “creator of the CoD community.” Hit with hard times, F1sTDaCuFFs has called for fans to help support him in his time of need – and now YouTube star Keemstar is asking the same.

Keemstar recently took to Twitter to share F1sT’s story in a heartbreaking video explaining just how dire his circumstances are. In the video, which you can watch in the tweet below, Keemstar expresses his sorrow at learning that F1sT is in hospital with COVID-19, and that he worries for his family.

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F1sTDaCuFFs began streaming way back in 2006, and along with one other creator, is often referred to as one of the first Call of Duty commentators. He started off his career by simply pointing a camera at his TV screen, and quickly amassed thousands of fans new to the world of YouTube.

Since then, F1sTDaCuFFs has withdrawn from the YouTube game in favour of steadier employment. Sadly, he’s now been hit with COVID-19 and is in dire need of help.

Over on his GoFundMe page, the creator explains: “I have covid19, I’m in the ICU, I will have medical bills if I survive, if I don’t my whole family of 4 kids are at home quarantine with COVID-19 and my wife can’t work either. I’m in a bit of big trouble need all the help I can get god bless to all.”


Keemstar is calling for all fans of F1sT and all fans of YouTube Gaming to help fund the page (if you’re able to, of course), and help one of the founding fathers of Call of Duty’s community to get back on his feet.

At GameByte, we wish F1sTDaCuFFs the speediest of recoveries!

If you want to donate to the cause, you can do so right here.

Featured Image Credit: gofundme/Instagram:Keemstar

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