You Can Now Kill Your Opponent In A Game of Valheim Chess

You can now play a game of chess to the death in the online multiplayer survival game, Valheim.

valheim game
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

While the game of Viking chess isn’t an official feature in Valheim (at least not yet), a mod will allow players to have a more civilised form of combat in this world of brutes.

The mod in question is called “The Civilized Duels” mod, and once enabled, you can have a combative battle of the minds to earn your rightful place in Valhalla!

valheim game
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

However, in order to challenge your foe to a game of Chess to the Death, you must first slap the opposing player with a fish. Though you won’t be required to slap the person in real life with a fish unless it’s already been agreed upon, in which case, fish-slap away.

Once you slap a player with a fish (in-game), and as long as players have PvP enabled, as well as The Civilized Duels mod activated, you’re good to go.

valheim game
Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing

When the battle of the tactical minds begins, you’ll play a game of chess through a web browser, and your moves will be replicated in-game until your foe dies. Once your foe is dead, they’ll explode and you’ll be able to claim all their possessions via a tombstone. It’s all really quite dramatic.

To see how this epic Viking Chess showdown goes down, you can watch the truly gripping gameplay video below, titled “The Vi-Kings Gambit”.

YouTube video

The Civilized Duels mod is created by DickDangerJustice and can be downloaded via Nexus Mods. However, the mod is said to have some bugs and there have been some reported issues.

Chess is supported by a centralized server, so if it goes down the mod may stop working correctly,” said the mod creator on Nexus Mods.

The post continues: “If you get stuck in dual mode, the default escape hotkey is ‘P’. You will die and lose the chess game if you press it. I may be able to come up with a better solution, but it works for now.

Have you managed to play an epic game of chess in Valheim? If so, let us know your thoughts across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Coffee Stain Publishing