Killzone 2 Multiplayer Servers Have Been Resurrected

The multiplayer servers for Killzone 2 may have closed in 2018, but they have now been resurrected by modders. Exciting news!

Despite having one of the most frustrating and challenging end boss fights of all time, Killzone 2 was one of my favourite games of the PS3 era. This “Halo killer” became a fan-favourite in its own right and offered some of the best first-person shooter action for the PlayStation brand at the time.

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When the servers closed in 2018, I think it was safe to assume that the multiplayer would not be coming back. However, we were wrong because some dedicated fans have worked some online wizardry.

As reported by mp1st, the talented modders have also resurrected once closed servers for the likes of Twisted Metal Black and Warhawk. Furthermore, the modders even have plans to bring back the servers for SOCOM Confrontation, Wipeout HD and PlayStation Home.

killzone 2
Credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games

Details on the Killzone 2 servers being resurrected were shared by the modders on their Discord channel. The server is essentially an emulation of the original server and while it doesn’t come complete with all features at launch, more features will be added at a later date.

What do I need to play Killzone 2 multiplayer?

  • Internet access (should allow custom DNS servers)
  • PlayStation Network account
  • A PlayStation 3 (No jailbreak needed as this is intended for legit consoles)
  • A copy of Killzone 2
YouTube video

Additionally, to learn how to get started playing the Killzone 2 multiplayer, the modders have put together this handyGetting Started” guide.

Are you excited to learn that the Killzone 2 multiplayer has made a dramatic comeback? If so, let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games