Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Restores Cut DLC

Thanks to a group of modders, the Pinnacle Station DLC from the original Mass Effect has been restored to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

It’s been known since February that the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect wouldn’t include everything from the original series. One of these things was the DLC Pinnacle Station, a pack that added a training facility to the Galaxy Map. It wasn’t included because BioWare lost the original source code for the DLC. 

It would basically take us another full six months just to do this with most of the team we’ve got,” game director Mac Walters told Game Informer in an interview at the time. “I wish we could do it. Honestly, just because this is meant to be everything that the team ever created, brought together again – all the single-player content. And so, leaving it all on the cutting-room floor, it was heartbreaking.

Credit: EA/ BioWare/ ME3Tweaks

So modding group ME3Tweaks took it upon themselves to add it back in. Mgamerz detailed some of the more technical details in a blog post. Apparently they’ve been working on the game since September 18, and it’s available now

Pinnacle Station wasn’t a huge part of the original game, but it’s great to see it added back in. An important thing to remember is that while modders were able to do this, that doesn’t mean it was feasible for the original team. The content was added back in just under two months, but part of that is due to the team already having the tools to do so. The actual developers would need to have a budget approved, as well as making the tools to do so. Modding is great, but is generally done in hobbyist’s free time, so is more feasible.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ BioWare/ ME3Tweaks