If only he Google searched first!

Kojima Productions considers legal action following false news story

Kojima Productions has said it will “consider legal action” following a fake news story that falsely-linked studio head Hideo Kojima to the assassination of Shinzo Abe.

Last week, Shinzo Abe, the former Japanese Prime Minister was assassinated while giving a campaign speech. A suspect by the name of Tetsuya Yamagami was detained and arrested at the scene of the shooting.

Yet, despite a suspect being taken in by the Nara Nishi police, Metal Gear Solid developer, Hideo Kojima managed to get caught up in the controversy resulting from a very misguided tweet.


4Chan was the source

Far-right French politician Damien Rieu shared misinformation which was apparently based upon a rumour that originated from 4Chan.

Rieu tweeted images of Hideo Kojima with the words: “The extreme left kills” in relation to the assassination of the former Japanese Prime Minister. The tweet was later deleted, however, a lot of damage had already been done.

metal gear solid
Credit: Konami

Anyone reading this article will likely know who Hideo Kojima is. However, those outside of the video game community might not know who Kojima is, and might believe Rieu’s tweet to be factual.


Damien Rieu would later tweet an apology for his misplaced and ill-informed post. “I naively took a joke for information,” he tweeted.

“I didn’t think we could make humour about the assassination of a man but I was wrong not to check before sharing. My apologies to Hideo Kojima and to the fans of Metal Gear.”

death stranding 2
Credit: Hideo Kojima (via Twitter)

The Story went worldwide

Furthermore, the misguided tweet was reported via some news outlets across the world such as Greece and Iran. In both instances, when reporting on the assassination of Shinzo Abe, images of Hideo Kojima were used.


Naturally, the studio responded to the controversy and suggested that legal action might be pursued.

“Kojima Productions strongly condemns the spread of fake news and rumours that convey false information. We do not tolerate such libel and will consider taking legal action in some cases.”

There are a few lessons to take away from this story. Firstly, someone was tragically assassinated. Secondly, an innocent person was wrongly accused. Finally, if Damien Rieu would have done a quick Google search before his tweet, it would have prevented a lot of trouble.


Here at GameByte, our thoughts are with those affected by the death of former Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe.

Featured Image Credit: Kojima Productions/Source: VGC