Hitman 3 is getting a free DLC location later this month

Free DLC location ‘Ambrose Island’ is coming to all owners of Hitman 3 on July 26th.

Releasing alongside the 3.120 Update, ‘Ambrose Island’ is a new location coming to Hitman 3 as free DLC for all owners of the game.

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HITMAN 3: Ambrose Island (Location Reveal Trailer)

IOI Interactive officially announced the new location on their website. As part of the Hitman 3 Year 2 Roadmap, the new location is a tropical island, Ambrose Island. As Agent 47 you can traverse this new sandbox location, filled with new targets, challenges and unlockable rewards.

From the trailer, it looks like you’ll be finding yourself amongst some pirates. But not any old pirates, these ones have guns!

A tattoo-covered woman with a yellow bandana looks to be your main target, as she looks out upon the tropical island inhabitants with reverence. One scene even reveals her kicking someone off a cliff to their doom. This new formidable target will be available to take down once the free DLC releases on July 26th.

It’s pirate time in Hitman 3

Credit: IOI Interactive

Hitman devs were inspired by Tarantino and Coca-Cola

Over on the Hitman Forum, IOI Interactive is also accepting submissions for some new pirate-themed contracts they’ve named ‘Bootleg & Buccaneers.’

Hitman’s most creative players can write their best on-theme contracts and submit them for a chance to be featured. Submissions will be open until July 18th.

What’s more, the release of Ambrose Island will also bring about the 3.120 update. This update will fix some community-reported issues and feature some QoL improvements.

Featured Image Credit: IOI Interactive Source: IOI Interactive

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