Kojima Productions is selling a limited charity item to support Ukraine

Kojima Productions has released an anti-war item for sale of which all proceeds will go to refugees from Ukraine in Japan.

Earlier this week, Kojima Productions announced it planned to offer support to those who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan. The developer has revealed a limited charity item called a “Ludens Peace Mark Unit,” a metal charm that resembles the peace symbol. It costs £40, and “proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated directly to those who have evacuated from Ukraine to Japan.”

On one side, the charm has the logo of the studio, alongside text that reads “no war.” It’s the latest move in the games industry of a studio showing support for the people of Ukraine, as the invasion from Russia continues on.

how has the invasion affected the games industry?

Unsurprisingly, the games industry has been widely affected by the invasion of Ukraine. One of the more notable titles, Stalker 2, from developer GSC Game World, has had its development put on hold and later restarted due to the invasion. Though a recent update from the developer has painted a very upsetting picture of the reality of the developers.

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Credit: Kojima Productions

A number of developers have also expressed support in a number of ways. The Fortnite community raised a huge sum of money earlier this year. 

Other studios opted to directly contribute donations, such as Square Enix donating $500,000 to relief efforts in Ukraine. The Pokemon Company also donated $200,000 in support of the same. And the creator of Doom John Romero created a brand new Doom level in order to support relief efforts in Ukraine.

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