Konami Forgot To Renew Silent Hill Domain, So Someone Else Bought It

It seems like Konami has let the Silent Hill website domain run out, leading someone to buy it and make a joke about it. 

Ah, Silent Hill. It seems that these days the only people that care about you these days are the constantly disappointed fanbase. And that disappointment is entirely warranted, because since the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, Konami just hasn’t really done anything with the franchise.

Now, truly highlighting their lack of interest in the series, is the fact that it let the domain expire. So of course, someone has bought it, and had their way with it (thanks, PC Gamer). 

A light bit of context before you head to silenthill.com. One of the most famous monster designs from the series is easily Pyramid Head. First featured in Silent Hill 2, the giant sword wielding, triangular head having creature has since been repeatedly misused by Konami in various manners.

That has led to some frustration for designer Masahiro Ito. Just recently, Ito tweeted “I wish I hadn’t designed fxxking Pyramid Head.” In the past, Ito has also said that he would kill Pyramid Head off given the opportunity. Now, with that context, you can head to silenthill.com and see the aforementioned tweet. 

Ito clarified in a followup tweet that he doesn’t get royalties for Pyramid Head’s use. And the character is repeatedly used by Konami, despite how poorly they have treated their staff in the past. So whoever now owns silenthill.com clearly had something to say about the developer. 

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Featured Image Credit: Masahiro Ito/ Konami