Layers of Fear Remake Demo Release Date – Everything We Know

With the Layers of Fear remake coming to PC and console in June, Bloober Team have announced an upcoming demo. Here’s what we know.

Layers of Fear which was first released back in 2016 is getting a remake this summer. To celebrate, the team have announced an upcoming ‘short’ demo featuring the first few minutes of the game. They hope this will get players ready for the game’s full launch sometime this June. 

Layers of Fear Remake Demo Release Date

The playable demo will be available between May 15 to May 22 over on Steam. As mentioned, it will feature the “first few minutes” of gameplay as well as the opening cinematic. 

The Layers of Fear remake combines the original game with Layers of Fear 2. Additionally, it will also include all DLCs such as The Final Note and The Writer.

Rebuilt using Unreal Engine 5, the “psychedelic horror chronicle” the game will support 4k resolution, ray tracing and HDR support. The team aims to make it as “immersive and realistic as possible.” 

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A Whole Lot of Fear

For those unfamiliar, the story follows a painter who is on the verge of creating a masterpiece. Holed up inside a Victorian mansion, The Painter must battle to complete the painting and protect their sanity. With the story now told by his daughter, you must trawl through the ever-changing house in search of answers. 

The ‘Final Note’ DLC is told by The Painter’s Wife and sheds more light on their life and history. 

Layers of Fear 2 sees you take on the role of a lead actor in a production taking place aboard an ocean liner. However, it isn’t long before you find out something sinister is at play. Why were you chosen for the role by The Director? 

Layers of Fear remake will be arriving this June
Credit: IGN

Last but not least, The Lighthouse Chapter tells the story of The Writer. Unweave their story and explore a “never-before-told tale which will tie the entire series together.” 

The Layers of Fear remake will launch sometime this June. Until then, make sure to check out the playable demo this weekend. 

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