The Last Of Us Season 2 On Hold Due To Writer’s Strike

With the current writers’ strike taking place, The Last of Us Season 2 is the latest show to be affected. Here’s everything we know. 

The Last of Us Season 1 aired at the start of the year and the video game adaptation was met with critical acclaim. So much so that Season 2 was confirmed after only two episodes were aired. However, despite casting being underway, it has been reported that production has ground to a halt due to the strikes. 

The Last Of Us Season 2 Reportedly On Hold

This news comes courtesy of Variety who reports Season 2 is set to begin shooting in 2024 in Vancouver. As it stands now, multiple sources have confirmed that the cast were asked to read slides directly taken from TLOU Part 2 as no scripts currently exist. 

This isn’t surprising as the HBO showrunner and co-creator Craig Mazin is currently on the picket line supporting his fellow Writers Guild of America (WGA) members. As a result, he is not currently writing or producing. His only work on Season 2 so far has been on casting. 

Season 2 of The Last of Us is currently on hold due to the Writer's Strike.
Image shows members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA).
Credit: The Guardian

The same can be said for Naughty Dog’s co-president Neil Druckmann. Despite being the co-writer behind TLOU’s Season 1 premiere and finale, it has been reported that he is not working on the show “in any capacity” at the moment. 

What to expect from Season 2

With the first series raking in millions of viewers making it one of HBO’s most successful shows, fans are excited to see what is next. With Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal reprising their roles as Ellie and Joel respectively, talk has turned to who will take on the role of Abby. 

However, with writers understandably on hold for now, it remains to be seen when we can expect to see the new season. 

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