Tears of the Kingdom Has Been Beat In 94 Minutes

Despite The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom being out for less than 24 hours, one speedrunner has already beat it.

Not only have they beat it, but the speedrunner in question has managed to do it in 1:34:33 on day one. With the speedrunning record for its predecessor Breath of the Wild currently sitting at 23 minutes 42 seconds, it doesn’t seem like it will be long before TotK catches up.

(Be aware that the videos linked will include spoilers for Tears of the Kingdom. However, the article itself will not).

Tears of the Kingdom Speedrunning Begins

The feat was accomplished by Zelda speedrunner gymnast86 who completed the game in the aforementioned time. As the sequel has been out for less than a day, the record is bound to be beat but accomplishing it in just a few hours is impressive to say the least.

Gymnast86 contributes this feat to the game’s new mechanics such as the weapon-fusing ability which allows you to create stronger weapons out of random items. Not only that, but he mentions that speedrunning tricks available in Breath of the Wild have been “fixed” by Nintendo. This means he had to find another way around some obstacles. 

YouTube video

“From what we can tell, almost none of the glitches that were present in Breath of the Wild seem to have made it into Tears of the Kingdom”, gymnast86 says.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t ever be able to perform these glitches, but just that the methods we know of activating them in Breath of the Wild won’t work in this game.”

Will He Be Beat?

With gymnast86 himself saying that the strategies he used will “probably be outdated pretty quickly”, we can expect to see a lot of quicker runs now that the game has been fully released. 

With abilities such as Fuse and Ultrahand available for the sequel, speedrunners may even be able to beat Breath of the Wild’s record (currently held by Player5 from just 7 days ago). 

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