Leaked ‘Abandoned’ Screenshots Are Real, According To Developer

The upcoming PS5 game Abandoned has been the subject of various rumours, leaks and wild conspiracy. However, Blue Box Studios has confirmed that the game’s recently leaked images are actually real [via GamesRadar].

As shared by Joe Miller on Twitter, the recently leaked Abandoned screenshots are seemingly extracted from Hasan Kahraman‘s PSN profile. Of course, if you’ve been following Abandoned’s development, you’ll know that Kahraman is Blue Box Studios’ founder. In response to enquiries about the images, Kahraman confirmed that the screenshots are real and belong to an earlier version of the game:

“Well, the 2019 version was a lot different back then. But it was to test the PS4’s max power. It was running on PS4 Pro with native 3840 x 2160 resolution targeting 60 FPS with 8k textures. It did work but the PS4 version wasn’t powerful enough to create a full game”

While the leaked screenshots don’t give much away in terms of gameplay, they are still somewhat impressive. Sure, the images are too dark to discern any real sense of texture quality. However, the texture work on the shots brick wall could be mistaken for a real structure. Of course, this is also likely a result of the 2019 version’s “8K textures”.

Hopefully, Blue Box Studios’ upcoming “real-time experience” app will give us an idea of what to expect from Abandoned. While the game’s development has been shrouded in mystery, Blue Box has frequently tried to maintain the expectations of fans and horror enthusiasts alike.

abandoned ps5
Credit: Blue Box Game Studios

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Featured Image Credit: Blue Box Studios