Leaked Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay video shows Brutal Slow-mo Kill Cam

It is literally days before Red Dead Redemption 2 gets released and there have been a couple of leaks already. Most notably the whole map has been leaked and seems to show that the whole of the first map is included in the new map.

The clip shows the main character, Arthur Morgan getting into a gunfight with two NPC’s in the game. It also includes a slow-mo kill cam of sorts. It is the sort of kill cam that you would get in Sniper Elite where you see the bullet go through the enemy. It’s all slightly gruesome but oh so hype heightening. Click this link to see the video.

This leak may not be up for long so make sure you check it out before it gets taken down.

What else we can see in the clip is also very interesting in that it looks like has either infiltrated a ‘bad guys’ camp or bad guys have infiltrated the players camp. If the latter is true then this means that players will have to stay vigilant even while in there ‘home’ area. On the flip side of this these NPC’s that are aggressive towards Arthur could be police people as we can see in the top right that he is currently ‘WANTED’. This could be one of the ways that you can deal with the people who are trying to lock you up. Other ways could be to pay them off with your money or even try and talk your way out of it. Clearly this player prefers to shoot his way out.

After all three of these NPC’s have been killed we see that the Bounty on the players head has increased to $185.00. This means that the men that have come to ‘interrogate’ the player could be bounty hunters and you may have to deal with stronger and stronger NPC’s as your bounty increases. I hope so because that sounds like a lot of fun.

We also see the player bring up the ‘weapon wheel’ which, unsurprisingly, looks a lot like GTA V’s weapon selection menu. Not only can we see the weapons on show but up the top we can see that you can flick through to ‘items’ and ‘horse’. I assume this is a list of items that you can collect and where you can also store the weapons that aren’t currently on the selection wheel.

We can also see in the top left that the game is informing the player about collectables that, I assume, are scattered around the world.