Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword On Nintendo Switch Listed By Amazon

Gamers have discovered an Amazon listing for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch.

Credit: Nintendo

The listing in question was spotted on the UK website of the retailer, and seemed to feature both a placeholder date of 2030, and a placeholder price of £69.99 GBP which is considerable more expensive than your standard Switch game.

Shortly after its discovery, the listing was removed and is now no longer available to view. Though its removal doesn’t prove anything, it’s definitely eyebrow-raising to say the least. Check out a screenshot we nabbed of the listing below.

Credit: Amazon/GameByte

The news comes just days after multiple Zelda trademarks were filed by Nintendo, fuelling speculation that a new game may be coming to Switch.

As spotted by Twitter user @NaZyrus07 the hefty trademark covers a huge range of merchandising options, including everything from clothing and games to…dental floss?


While the trademark doesn’t directly mean a new game is on the cards, it does look as though Nintendo is gearing up for something (at the very least a big year of Zelda merch in 2021).

Combining this news with the Amazon UK listing does suggest that we could be seeing Skyward Sword on Switch – especially as 2021 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Wii game. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for this one!

Although not the most popular game in the series, Skyward Sword was one of the only Nintendo Wii games to fully utilise its Wiimotes in combat, so it’ll be interesting to see just how it translates to the Nintendo Switch and its JoyCons. Personally I loved the unique style and story of Skyward Sword, and since my Wii is just gathering dust at the moment, a Switch port would be much appreciated! Wind Waker next please, though!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo