Lego Games We Would Love To See and Play

Lego games are the best of two worlds – video games and our favourite toys when we were younger. There’s a staggering amount of them out there already, but there are definitely some that we are still waiting for.

Don’t get us wrong, we loved the games we got so far – The Hobbit, Harry Potter, the Avengers and so many more – but when we looked at the line-up, we couldn’t help but notice that there were some pretty good opportunities that the franchise hadn’t explored yet.

Here’s a list of Lego games we would love to play.

1. James Bond

You can argue all day who the best James Bond actor was – it’ll always be Pierce Brosnan, simply because he’s better looking than Sean Connery – but no matter which one you prefer, a Lego Bond game would be epic.

There might be some issues aligning the not so PG13 Bond franchise with the family-friendly Lego franchise, but a less sex/violence-themed Bond adventure might have its benefits too – after all, there are plenty of ways action and adventure can be portrayed without a hail of bullets. A jetski chase, a fist-fight with a shark, there are options that don’t need blood or gore.

The Bond series is strongly supported by the fantastic spy gadgets Bond receives for his adventures – magically always exactly the ones he needs a little later, of course – this would align perfectly with the Lego games building and breaking style.

2. Ghostbusters

Sure, the latest movie was terrible, there’s no arguing that – that just makes it all the more vital we get another good entry in the franchise, and think about it: There isn’t a single thing that could go wrong in a Lego Ghostbusters game.

There have been other Ghostbusters games of course, but none really did the movies’ story and humour justice, but that’s what Lego games are all about – replaying and reliving the best bits, funniest gags and greatest moments of a franchise or movie.

The Ghostbusters are pretty Lego-ready anyway – the locations, the cast and just think of how epic a Lego version of the Marshmallow Man would be. That’s right, this absolutely needs to happen.

3. Hellboy

Lego and comics go well together, we’ve seen that from the comic book adaptions we already have, and thanks to the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit games, we know that the series also does well with fantasy themes. Sure, Hellboy goes a little beyond that in that it’s a little more spooky, a little more occult, and yes okay, it does feature Nazis, but that should be a slight impediment rather than a roadblock.

Nazis aren’t necessarily the most suitable topic for a kid-friendly game, but there is no reason that part of the story arc has to be the focus – there is so much folklore and so many characters, Lego could make half a dozen games without even having to touch the Nazi angle.

Lego has always been great for castles, gothic detail and things you can smash – there is plenty of that in Hellboy, and it even matches the titular characters personality perfectly – if he doesn’t like that wall, he’s going to put a door in it. And why not, he’s Hellboy after all.

4. My Little Pony

No, wait – we don’t mean this to cater to the Bronies or god forbid the Furries – they can return right back to the depths of whatever hole they crawled out of. No, a My Little Pony adaption would be great for parents with sons and daughters – it’s a Lego game so the sons can play without being embarrassed and it has ponies, so the girls can like it too.

In fact this game could achieve something unheard of – collaboration between siblings of differing ages and genders. Everyone who has a sibling like that knows that finding that sort of game is almost impossible and mostly unheard of – after all, aren’t big brothers supposed to bully their little sisters. No?
Well there goes our weekend. Back to the game at hand, yes it would definitely be played by Bronies, but there’s no helping that – for the most part, they are harmless anyway. As for the suitability – the My Little Pony franchise is already completely kid-friendly and features plenty of the right kind of environment to set the game in – there are even things like dragons and evil sorcerers, so it really seems like a great opportunity – if nothing else, it would make the Lego guys a ton of money.

5. Zombieland

Now, zombies aren’t always the friendliest of creatures, we admit. That is what makes Zombieland so genius though – instead of focsing on the terrible gore and monstrous deaths that so often occur in traditional movies, this one is more of a comedy- in the beginning we are introduced to some helpful rules on how to survive the apocalypse – that alone would be enough to build a game on (well, with some additional rules anyway).

The game would have to dial back the deaths, but between the slapstick comedy elements and the potential for base-building, for foraging for the right blocks and so on, a Lego game would fit perfectly.

The concept of slowly depreciating hideouts, barricades and such, while little Lego zombies try to burrow their way in seems perfect – after all, building and destroying with blocks is the basis of the game. We know this will probably never happen, but hey, we can hope.

6. Parks & Recreation

Strong characters, big on comedy, varied locations and the potential for things like clean-up challenges, dialogue battles, Trials of Manliness (by Ron Swanson of course) – this is the game you never knew you needed in your life.