LEGO Rejects Popular Video Game-Inspired Playsets

LEGO has turned down an awesome Hyrule Castle Playset, as well as a Metroid set and an Animal Crossing set!

Though the LEGO Ideas project, which allows fans to submit ideas for new sets, has announced this year’s winners. This year’s winners were a (very stylish) jazz quartet and a LEGO recreation of The Office set. A totally adorable Snow White set has been set for review, as it needs some tweaks. These are all fine. But are they Hyrule Castle? No they are not.

Credit: LEGO

The LEGO Ideas project is a cool idea. If you’re looking to become a Master Builder, you can submit your own idea for a LEGO set. If it gets 10,000 votes, it might become a reality! The website says:

“Now it’s your chance to unleash your creativity and show that you are a true master builder. Can you come up with an idea that wows your fellow LEGO® fans and persuades our review board to give it the green light?”


As reported by Kotaku, LEGO wizard Artem Biziaev submitted the Hyrule Castle idea. His idea proved wildly popular – easily gaining the necessary 10,000 votes. But sadly, the awesome castle set was not selected this time.

While here at GameByte, we were big fans of the Super Mario Bros LEGO sets. The playable element is really cool. But honestly I would have loved to have seen a cute Animal Crossing: New Horizons set! And the LEGO Hyrule set idea was outstanding.

Have you got an idea for an amazing LEGO set? Tell us all about it via our social media channels.



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Featured Image Credit: LEGO Ideas