Riders Republic Is Free To Play This Week, But There’s A Catch

Ubisoft is letting gamers play Riders Republic for free in the week before it officially releases, but there’s a catch.

Riders Republic is ready to high-tail it onto our screens next week on October 28th, but Ubisoft is incredibly keen for players to get their hands on it. As such, it’s running a trial week in the run up to its release date. Between October 21st (that’s today!) and October 27th, players can download and play the full Riders Republic for absolutely free.

There’s no need to have pre-ordered the game, nor do you need to have signed up in advance. Should you like, you can go right to your respective platform store, download the free trial week, and get straight to shredding those slopes. Any progress you make during the trial week will carry right over into the full game too, should you choose to purchase it.

What’s the rub?

However, I did mention there was a catch, didn’t I? Of course, Ubisoft isn’t going to let players complete its new game for free before it even releases. While there is no restricted content during the trial week, players are limited to only four hours of playtime during those seven days.

Once the timer is up, you’ll have to wait until launch day to experience the rest of what Riders Republic has to offer. Still, at least the gameplay timer only runs while you’re actually playing the game. Sony could do with taking a leaf out of Ubisoft’s book in that regard.

Still, four hours is plenty of time to get to grips with what Riders Republic has to offer. If you were already convinced by Riders Republic, it’s a chance to get slightly ahead before launch day. If you were still on the fence, it’s another chance to decide whether or not it’s a game for you.


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I played a decent amount of the open beta in August and loved my time with it. I also spoke to the Associate Game Director of Riders Republic who spoke in detail about how much of the inspiration for this game comes from the real world.

Riders Republic is set to release on October 28th across Xbox, PlayStation, and PC platforms. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft]