More Max and Chloe? Yes please!

Life is Strange: After the Storm Is A Fan-Made Sequel To The First Game

A Life is Strange fan is making an unofficial sequel featuring characters from the first game.

A screenshot of fan made Life is Strange sequel, After the Storm
Credit: John Soukoulis

Life is Strange: After the Storm is a brand new fan creation that follows Square Enix’s first entry to the series. Developed by Yiannis Soukoulis, the project will feature events proceeding the player’s choice to save Chloe while destroying the game’s fictional town of Arcadia Bay. According to video descriptions on Soukoulis’ Youtube channel, the project created for academic purposes but has since become an effort to make a fully-fledged game:

“Life is strange after the storm is a fan game that I am developing. It was first a college project, but since I made that much progress with it I decided to make it a full fan game for the community to enjoy !”

YouTube video

Soukoulus’ YouTube channel contains various development update videos, which showcases the creators progress with the fan-made game. So far, the developer has implemented choice mechanics, new animations, an emotional AI system and even a photo mode. The programmer has also shared some high-quality screenshots of the project on Twitter, which gives us an idea of how the game is going to look.

What’s Next For The Life is Strange Series?

A screenshot of fan made Life is Strange sequel, After the Storm
Credit: John Soukoulis

While Square Enix has released its own Life is Strange 2, the game features a different story and new characters. If you’re a fan of the original tale, then you’ll definitely want to check out Life is Strange: After the Storm. Hopefully, Square Enix takes note of the fact that fans want a continuation of the original Life is Strange story. For now, at least we have committed fans like Soukoulis, who has essentially brought Max & Chloe back to life with their new game.

For progress updates and information related to Life is Strange: After the Storm, check out Yiannis Soukoulis’ YouTube channel!


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Featured Image Credit: John Soukoulis