You Definitely Need To Buy This Life-Size BioShock Big Daddy

Have you ever wanted to own a life-size BioShock Big Daddy cosplay costume? Of course you have, we’ve all daydreamed of it, right?

Credit: HeadhunterCrafts

Well now is your chance to be the Big Daddy that you’ve always wanted to be thanks to this eBay listing for a giant costume/statue.

The Big Daddy costume is handmade from the ground up by the talented seller, and as a result it comes in at a premium price.

Credit: HeadhunterCrafts

The incredible piece is priced at £900 GBP, however there is a “Make an Offer” option to bring the price down a little with a bit of haggling. You can even pay from £43 per month over 24 months, if you want!

If you do bag this incredible piece, when you’re not cosplaying at events or strolling at the bottom of your local pond, this Big Daddy costume can even pose as a statue. Imagine how impressed your family and friends would be if you had this in your living room!

Credit: HeadhunterCrafts

The Big Daddy costume has a textured fibreglass body, RGB LED Lighting, a functional drill, a removable lid on the storage tank, a display stand and more.

In terms of size and dimensions the Big Daddy suit at its base is 95cmx95cm and is 210cm in height, making it well over 6ft!

If you want a better look at the Big Daddy costume you can check out more photos on the Instagram page belonging to the talented creator and you can even watch the video below. If the video isn’t showing for you then click here.

YouTube video

Are you tempted to spend a small fortune on this Big Daddy costume from BioShock? Even if I could afford it, I’m pretty sure that my wife would kill me. Check it out – and place a bid – on eBay here! You can also check out more from HeadhunterCrafts over on their Etsy store here.

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Featured Image Credit: ebay/uk-pogm8 / headhuntercrafts