Logan Paul Sued Over Recent YouTube Video

Logan Paul is quite possibly one of YouTube’s most divisive stars, and his reputation has never quite recovered following the whole filming-the-dead-body fiasco that seriously tarnished his career.

The controversial content creator has found himself in the line of fire once again, this time thanks to a feud with hip-hop band, Flobots.

Credit: YouTube/Logan Paul

TMZ reports that Paul’s parody of Flobots’ track “Handlebars” could cost him a lot more than he might have planned, as creating his own video named “No Handlebars” seems to have really touched a nerve with the band.

It was all going fine until Paul decided to joke that he didn’t know who Flobots are — safe to say, he’s about to.

TMZ has managed to obtain court documents showing Flobots is taking legal action against the YT star.

Credit: Logan Paul

According to the leaked documents, Flobots claims that “the lyrics are nearly identical for four successive bars.”

24-year-old Paul probably makes more money than any human really ever needs, but if Flobots’ lawsuit is successful, he might have to part with some of his barely-earned cash.

The band wants to shut down Paul’s “No Handlebars” and collect any profits Paul made from the song.

Considering Forbes estimated that he made up to $150k for every Facebook post in 2017 and $80k a sponsored Instagram posts, the parody track could be something Paul seriously regrets…

Credit: Logan Paul

Maybe it’ll teach Paul a lesson?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Logan Paul