Terraria Devs Say Epic Store Exclusivity Is Like ‘Selling Your Soul’

The Epic Store has faced a lot of controversy since it launched last year, but will its continued efforts in the PC store market pay off?

Credit: Epic Games

The developers of indie hit Terraria, Re-Logic, has hit back at the Epic Store, saying none of its games will ever be Epic exclusives.

“Since there seems to be confusion- No Re-Logic title will ever be an Epic Store exclusive,” said Re-Logic’s Vice President, Whitney Spinks. “There is no amount of money we could be offered to sell our souls.”

Her tweet has been met with some backlash, as the Epic Store is the only financially viable place for some smaller indie studios to publish right now, as it offers much more generous revenue shares than anyone else in the market.

Responding to the tweet, one gamer said: “You’re making things a lot harder for smaller developers by making statements like this. You already have a highly successful game making a lot of money, some do not have this privilege. You could have easily written this without saying ‘sell our souls.”

Spinks then went on clarify that her statement is in relation to Re-Logic only, but it’s still left a bitter taste in some peoples’ mouths.

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Credit: Re-Logic

Despite the never-ending controversy against the Epic Store, it seems the company is still going full-steam ahead to try and win gamers over.

Signing up to the Epic Store will get you two free games a month usually, but for its Summer Sale, it’s upped its freebies to one free game a week, which is a pretty spicy deal, I must admit…

The Store has also been accused of having serious security flaws, causing concerned players to choose to stick with Steam, GOG, Humble and Origin.

Credit: Quantic Dream

As more and more developers choose to make their games Epic exclusives, it seems players will have to decide once and for all where their loyalties lie.

Do you use the Epic Games Store, or are you unhappy with its many controversial choices?

Featured Image Credit: Re-Logic