Lord Of The Rings’ Merry & Pippin Actors Announce New Podcast

Lovable duo Merry and Pippin from The Lord of the Rings movies are launching their very own podcast, and it’s sure to be an absolute treat.

merry and pippin lotr
Credit: New Line Cinema

Well, it’s not actually Merry and Pippin, it’s the actors that of course play them. Though if they presented their podcast totally in character, that would be something truly special!

Dominic Monaghan (Merry) and Billy Boyd (Pippin) will be launching and presenting the new podcast called The Friendship Onion [via IGN].  

merry and pippin lotr
Credit: New Line Cinema

The duo promise to tell stories of their time working on the Peter Jackson movie franchise, as well as (I assume) life in general and other projects that they have worked on past and current.

They will also be having special guests such as the cast and crew from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, as well as answering fan questions and more. But seriously, as soon as you have Sir Ian McKellen as a guest, I’m 100% sold!

YouTube video

The Friendship Onion is teaming up with Kast Media and will launch this month on May 18th on platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

I am contractually obliged to make a glowing comment here in regards to the podcast Billy and I are making together. This is proving difficult as Billy has abducted me and is holding me for ransom to the price of 44 bananas. PLEASE, SEND bananas,” said Monaghan.

Dom took a little persuading, it’s true, but this podcast is going to rock! He is such a joker, you have to love Dom! Ha…but you also have to love bananas, so…yes! send bananas,” added Boyd.

merry and pippin lotr
Credit: New Line Cinema

Will you be checking out The Friendship Onion podcast with Merry and Pippin, sorry, Monaghan and Boyd? Let us know across our social media channels.

In related The Lord of the Rings news, here’s a tattooed man who has turned himself into an Orc!

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Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema