Magic: The Gathering Arena Reveals Card Pack From All-Digital Expansion

Magic: The Gathering Arena has revealed a new card pack to us from its upcoming Jumpstart 2021 expansion titled Historic Horizons.

Historic Horizons is a digital release for the card battler that adds new cards from Modern Horizons, Modern Horizons 2, and 31 all-new cards.

We’re also able to reveal to you the contents of an entire pack, including a card, exclusively right here. The packet is called Above The Clouds and it features the following cards:

Packet NameSlotMVRSetCard NameWeightMVRSetCard NameWeightMVRSetCard NameWeightMVRSetCard NameWeight
Above the Clouds11UMH1Spectral Sailor100%0%0%0%
Above the Clouds22CRIXKitesail Corsair34%2CM21Keen Glidemaster33%CJ21Mentor of Evos Isle33%0%
Above the Clouds32UM20Waterkin Shaman100%0%0%0%
Above the Clouds43UMH2Ghost-Lit Drifter100%0%0%0%
Above the Clouds53CJ21Bounty of the Deep30%3CM20Winged Words30%CM21Rousing Read30%CLRWMulldrifter10%
Above the Clouds64UM21Tide Skimmer50%5URNAWindstorm Drake50%0%0%
Above the Clouds74CMH2Aeromoeba100%0%0%0%
Above the Clouds84RMH2Wonder100%0%0%0%
Above the Clouds95CM21Roaming Ghostlight25%6CMH1Windcaller Aven25%CDTKOjutai’s Summons25%RJMPInniaz, the Gale Force25%
Above the Clouds102CMH2Recalibrate34%4CIKOGust of Wind33%CM21Lofty Denial33%0%
Above the Clouds114CM21Capture Sphere60%2CBFZTightening Coils40%0%0%
Above the Clouds12LCHA2Lonely Sandbar100%

And here’s the card we can exclusively reveal. It’s a Sorcery card called Bounty of the Deep. The description of it reads: ‘If you have no land cards in your hand, seek a land card and a nonland card. Otherwise, seek two nonland cards.

Credit: Wizards of the Coast


The unique thing about Magic: The Gathering’s Historic Horizons is it takes advantage of the all-digital aspect of its release, meaning the new cards and mechanics introduced can explore things that are only possible in a digital environment.

The three new mechanics introduced are Seek, where powerful tutors pick a random card from your deck that matches a predetermined criteria. There’s no shuffle and no time spent looking, just grabbing a random card and keep moving.


Then there’s Perpetually, where you permanently change the characteristics of a card no matter where it goes. This one is special as it takes advantage of MTG Arena’s ability to alter digital items no matter where they are during a game.

The final mechanic is called Conjure. It creates cards out of thin air that behave just like a normal card would. Conjure can create powerful and iconic cards, or just plain useful ones.


I’ve never been able to get into Magic: The Gathering properly due to the fact I have no local friends around to play with, nor does my old Sony smartphone seem to be compatible with the digital version, but every time Wizards of the Coast reveals new cards and mechanics to the game it’s always tempting me to go and try it.


You’ll be able to start opening these packets during the Jumpstart: Historic Horizons event which takes place from August 12th through to September 9th.

Are you excited for Magic’s Historic Horizons event? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast