Seven Senior Developers Have Announced Their Departure from Gearbox

Several senior developers have announced their departure from Gearbox, according to a recent report. [via VG247].

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Credit: Gearbox

Confirmed by Axios, Gearbox’s exit list includes creative director Paul Sage and game feel director Chris Strasz. Other departing employees, like Christopher Brock, lead mission designer Keith Schuler, and art director Scott Kester have all worked at Gearbox for over a decade.

It’s needless to say that this departure situation seems dramatic. However, Gearbox’s CEO Randy Pitchford has clarified that they’re leaving “on the best of terms”. Pitchford also ensured fans about the future of Gearbox’s upcoming games. According to the original Axios report, almost all members now leaving the studio were working on an unannounced project. The report also specifies that the studio is excited for “Fresh blood” to join Gearbox’s ranks.

Borderlands 3 senior developers gearbox
Credit: Gearbox

So, what’s next for the longstanding Gearbox Developers? Well, the team has confirmed that it will be working on a new indie game. While the ex-Gearbox members didn’t reveal exactly what kind of game was in the pipeline, we’ll probably hear more about the mysterious new project soon.

Hopefully, the departing team of senior Gearbox developers will go on to do great things. Who knows, perhaps the team will use its Borderlands expertise to bring us a brand new FPS indie adventure.

borderlands 3 gearbox senior developers
Credit: Gearbox

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