Man Who Spent His Days Livestreaming From Cambodian Jail Is Now Free

A Finnish Twitch streamer who recorded content from the inside of a Cambodian jail has now been freed [via Dextero].

The streamer, who goes by the handle rappiomatkaaja, spent his time in prison in quite possibly one of the strangest ways imaginable: by livestreaming videos of himself as he interviewed other prisoners.

I guess that’s definitely one way to pass the time…

Credit: Twitch

How he ended up in the jail isn’t too clear, but it’s believed to be related to the streamer’s drug use, something which he makes no secret of over on his Twitch channel.

It’s also not been confirmed just how rappiomatkaaja managed to continue his adventures in livestreaming whilst doing time in Cambodia. Presumably he snuck a cell phone into his cell, but we might never know the full ins and outs of how he actually managed to achieve that.

In the above clip, you can see rappiomatkaaja interviewing a fellow inmate and journalist, who explains how and why he ended up in the Cambodian prison. It’s actually really interesting, and it’s easy to see why a lot of rappiomatkaaja’s content, including the above interview, has gone viral.

It might not be all too obvious why rappiomatkaaja ended up in the jail or how he managed to stick to his livestreaming schedule from behind bars, but we do know that he’s now been released, and is home safe and sound following the stint.

Credit: Pixabay

According to Reddit, the streamer has previously stated that once he touches back down in his home country of Finland, he’ll gladly talk about how he ended up in prison.

Although the streamer might be unfamiliar to you, Reddit notes that’s he has a pretty big following in Finland, where a Finnish version of 4Chan has been known to show his drug-related streams.

Credit: Pixabay

This is definitely a Twitch channel that’s got some mysteries to solve!

Featured Image Credit: Pixabay