Mario Kart Is Coming To Mobile

After the colossal success that was Pokemon GO it seems that many other games companies see the incredible potential that mobile gaming holds. It has been announced that Mario Kart will be coming to the device. It will be coming to Ios and Android devices when it is released. This also marks the first time that a Mario Kart has been released for mobile devices.

It will be released in March 2019 and will feature all the usual characters from the games and hopefully a few surprises as well! You have a year of practicing before the mobile release. You can of course already play it anywhere with the help of the Nintendo Switch. The game on Switch has already sold 7 million units and is still climbing fairly quickly. Definitely one of the must have games for the Switch.

We reckon that this means Nintendo must be aiming at the people who love Mario Kart and aren’t interested in buying the Switch. I would definitely be interested in playing Mario Kart on mobile but certainly wouldn’t put me off paying for a Switch.

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