Mario Kart Tour removes gacha mechanics

Mario Kart Tour is removing its gacha mechanics in a new update, alongside adding Battle mode to the game.

This new update is coming out on October 5th, and removes the gacha pipe from the game. This pipe allowed players to spend money for a chance to unlock random characters. This meant that some characters were unattainable unless you took your chances on the pipes.

The official Mario Kart Tour twitter made an announcement stating that the gacha pipes will be removed from the game. It reads “Here’s a peek at #MarioKartTour’s update coming late September! Battle mode will be added, along with a Spotlight Shop, where you can exchange rubies for drivers, karts, and gliders! Also, pipes you can fire by using rubies will be removed.”

No More Pipes

As mentioned by VGC, this update will fix one of the game’s biggest issues since launch. Many players complained about the gacha mechanics in the game. Some felt they were out of place in Mario Kart and simply served as a quick cash grab.

Pipes used to have 100 different drivers and karts within them, making finding the limited-time characters a difficult task. You could end up spending a lot of money without finding what you want. Hopefully now we’ll just be able to unlock whatever we want without having to sift through a bunch of pipes beforehand.

Additionally, a battle mode is being added to the game. Battle mode is a Mario Kart staple, and sees players facing off in an arena. Players will have balloons attached to their karts which other players can pop to eliminate them.

Also, we can expect more Mario Kart Tour tracks to be added to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. So far, we’ve had more Tour tracks added in the Booster Course DLC than any other game. That trend should continue with each new wave of the DLC.

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