Will Forge mode save Halo Infinite?

A 343 employee has stated that the upcoming Forge mode will change the game forever, but can it truly salvage Halo Infinite?

Forge mode was first introduced back in Halo 3. It’s a tool players can use to build their own maps, and it spawned a sea of incredible custom games over the years. It also historically bolstered the amount of maps in multiplayer, with community creations joining the standard selection of maps.

Halo Infinite launched without Forge mode, but it’s set for a release at some point in the future. Last we heard, Forge was supposedly getting an early test in September. However, 343 have remained light-tipped on the mode for a while.

That hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the mode. But more interestingly, some people have been accessing Forge before release and showing what it can do to the public. And there’s some surprisingly advanced stuff on show, which is very promising – just look at this Mario Kart inspired mode someone has already made.

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Is Forge finished?

It’s unclear how far on in development Forge is, but this early version being accessed by a select few has a wide array of options and looks pretty polished already. Some have even speculated that 343 allowed this early version to spread before an official release. After all, it’s one of the most promising things we’ve seen from Infinite yet.

But is it enough to salvage the game? Infinite has been losing players over time thanks to shockingly slow content updates and delays. Campaign co-op, which was planned to come out at the end of August, just missed its release window.

But Forge mode is arguably the most important feature we don’t have yet. It can single-handedly solve the issue of slow multiplayer map releases – community maps will quickly be able to fill any holes necessary.

Not only that, but custom games are the main social aspect of Halo games, allowing players to play goofy game modes without the limitations of standard multiplayer. Infinite lacks some of the social features from past Halo titles, but Forge can help re-introduce them.

Hopefully we get official news about Forge soon, because the game desperately needs it.

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