Mario Strikers: Battle League Football Announced For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced a new Mario Strikers for Nintendo Switch, as announced during tonight’s Nintendo Switch Direct.

Mario Strikers is a soccer game that was popular back in the GameCube and Wii days. It features all your favourite characters from the Mario franchise, including Bowser, Toad and Donkey Kong.

You play 5-a-side as you use passes, tackles and items to gain an advantage on the pitch. Score more goals than your opponent to win the game.

YouTube video

Mario Strikes: Battle League Football includes clothing items that affect your stats, such as speed and strength. Combined with special shots, these moves allow you to power through on the field and win the game.

Up to 8 players, four on each team, can compete against each other on one console. The trailer also goes into the leaderboards and tournament system, such as opening a club and inviting players to come in and earn points for your team.

Overall, it looks like another Mario sports game that may or may not take off on Switch. Mario Tennis Aces didn’t quite pick up the buzz Nintendo had hoped for, but the more recent Mario Golf: Super Rush became a bit more popular receiving several post-launch updates. Perhaps this will be the same story.

Mario Strikers: Battle League Football launches for Nintendo Switch on June 10th, 2022. Are you excited for the game? Let us know on our social channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo