Mark Hamill And Ninja Are Teaming Up To Play Fortnite Today

The one and only Mark Hamill a.k.a Luke Skywalker is joining Ninja to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars movie – by playing a game of Fortnite.

The duo will be streaming together for an episode of Xbox Sessions, which takes place today, Thursday, Dec. 19 at 2:00 p.m. GMT.

Credit: Epic Games

In an official press release to announce the event, Xbox writes: “Tune in to catch Mark take the trainee seat as gaming master Ninja shows him the Fortnite ropes during Winterfest.

“Watch as Mark and his sons Nathan and Griffin explore and unwrap some presents in the Winterfest Lodge with Fortnite’s new split screen feature and get some top tips to learning Fortnite with Mixer streamer, Simby, who joins in on the fun. You may even get a glimpse of Mark talking about voice acting and his family’s history of gaming in the Hamill house.”

Credit: Epic Games

Right now Epic Games and Fortnite are enjoying the latest batch of Star Wars-related content for the game, which comes as the latest movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, hits movie theatres across the globe. There’s also the Winterfest celebration happening too.

Credit: Epic Games

Epic says: “Fortnite and the various goodies for Winterfest – chill new outfits from the Polar Legends Pack including Codename E.L.F., The Devourer, Frozen Nog Ops, Frozen Fish Stick and more; along with new gliders, pickaxes, wraps and emotes – are available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store, so be sure to grab them when you can.”

Credit: Microsoft

You can check out the stream of Mark Hamill and Ninja on Xbox Sessions this Thursday, Dec. 19 at 2:00 p.m. GMT on the Mixer Xbox Channel and YouTube Xbox Channel.

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Featured image Credit: Microsoft