Marvel’s Avengers Update Exposes Your IP Address On Screen

A recent Marvel’s Avengers update is live and it’s been discovered that the update exposes your IP address on screen, which is a major risk.

The update adds the Cosmic Cube Event and as well as improving game stability, it also added some new features.

What’s new in the Cosmic Cube Event?

According to the patch notes, the Cosmic Cube Events has players: “Aligning with the new Villain Sector, the Cosmic Threat Event will commence on June 24 and end on July 8.

The Cosmic Threat Event will have altered missions that will have you scouring the world in different Threat Sectors all the while being imbued with Cosmic energy that packs quite the mean punch.

Credit: Square Enix

There is also “Beating the Odds Villain Sector” which involves players following “trails of Cosmic energy, the Avengers track down Monica’s secret weapon: the Cosmic Cube. The Scientist Supreme is harnessing its power for an imperfect future, so it is up to the Avengers to stop her. Beating the Odds is a new Villain Sector that includes a villain fight unlike any other.

Finally, the Mega Hive has reduced the number of Heroic Gauntlets required to complete the Mega Hive from eight to four.

YouTube video

Not even the avengers can protect your IP address now

All in all, the update seems to add a lot of good new features into the game, and I’ll likely jump into Marvel’s Avengers soon with my son to see what’s new. Unfortunately, the exposure of the IP address is a major risk, especially to those that are likely to stream the game.

As brought to our attention by, your IP address appears on the screen before you load into a mission.

I’ve fired up the game to see if the bug is still present and I can confirm, at the time of writing, that it is. The bug reminds me of the display information that you might see when taking part in an alpha or beta test.

Marvel's avengers
Credit: Square Enix

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics is aware of this IP bug and is looking to fix the issue ASAP.

Why is the exposure of your IP such a risk?

If you’re not likely to stream Marvel’s Avengers anytime soon, then the chances are you’ll be fine. However, if someone gets your IP with malicious intent, not only is your location exposed but it could also leave you open to DDOS attacks. Streamers can often be easy targets and this IP bug will put some streamers at further risk.

A fix is on the way

While a fix is being found, players have advised gamers not to stream Marvel’s Avengers in the meantime.

Thankfully, a fix may have been found and a new update for Marvel’s Avengers should go live at around 4pm UK time/8am PT today.

Hopefully, the IP bug should be fixed by the time you next fire up Marvel’s Avengers. Have you encountered this bug for yourself? Let us know across our social media channels.

Update 24/06/21: The new patch has been released for Marvel’s Avengers and your IP address should no longer display in the game. Rejoice!

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics