Well done, BioWare!

Mass Effect Beats Resident Evil Village In The Steam Charts

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a game we’ve all been waiting for, and the game managed to knock Resident Evil Village from the top of the Steam charts even before its release.

mass effect legendary edition
Credit: BioWare

As spotted by TheGamer, EA’s remaster of the three Mass Effect classics managed to wrangle the top spot of the Steam charts a whole day before its launch date of May 14th.

At the time of writing, Mass Effect currently has two spots on the Steam bestsellers list, with “Mass Effect Legendary Edition” taking the top spot, and “Mass Legendary Edition – ME3 Owner Offer” bundle coming in at number four. Meanwhile, Capcom’s latest release, Resident Evil Village, has dropped to third position.

Credit: Capcom

While some might be surprised to see Resident Evil Village bested by Mass Effect, it’s pretty much to be expected. It’s been one week since Capcom’s launch, so a drop-off in sales figures isn’t too surprising to see.

Perhaps Capcom expected Village to hold its success in the Steam charts for a little longer, but with a heavy-hitter like Mass Effect out within the same month, it would have been a challenge!

mass effect remaster
Credit: BioWare

Mass Effect Legendary Edition comprises of Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3, all remastered to perfection by the developers at BioWare.

The new release has seen a number of improvements both to its gameplay and its visuals. If you’ve not seen a comparison between the Legendary Edition and the original games, check out the video below!

YouTube video

Have you delved into Mass Effect Legendary Edition today, or are you still working your way through Resident Evil Village? Let us know across our social media channels!

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Featured Image Credit: EA